Thursday, January 17, 2008

Solaris specific

Using fdisk make 'Sun disklable'

  • fdisk /dev/sdb
    • s (create new empty Sun disklable)
    • d (delete (linux) partitions)
    • n (add a new partition)
    • l (list known partition types)
Something like:
  • /dev/sdb1.......0....279...140616..2..SunOS root
  • /dev/sdb2..u..279....580...151704..3..SunOS swap
  • /dev/sdb3.......0..17660..8900640..5..Whole disk
  • /dev/sdb7.....580...1629...528696..4..SunOS usr
  • /dev/sdb8....1629..17660..8079624..8..SunOS home
To mount sdb8 :
  • mount /dev/sdb8 /mnt -t ufs -o ufstype=sun,ro

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

ddrescue restore

'New HDD' in USB-Drawer (e.g. 'sdb').

Using fdisk or gparted or ....
make same number and type of partitions as for 'p.table.txt'
just biger in size and set the bootable flag.

Restore partitions:
  • drescue /mnt/hdd2/bkup/sdb_1.img /dev/sdb1
  • drescue /mnt/hdd2/bkup/sdb_2.img /dev/sdb2
  • drescue /mnt/hdd3/bkup/sdb_1.img /dev/sdb3
Restore MBR just not the table (different disks - different tables)
  • dd if=/mnt/hdd2/bkup/mbr.img of=/dev/sdb count=1 bs=446
Check it:
  • fsck /dev/sdb1

ddrescue backup

ddrescu with some 'live-cd' (e.g. 'INSERT')
Hdd to rescue/backup is in USB-Drawer (e.g. 'sdb').
Where to backup (e.g. ntfs 'hdd2/bkup/')

Mount 'where to backup' :
  • ntfs-3g /dev/hdd2 /mnt/hdd2
Copy-paste sdb-part.-table to some text-file (e.g. 'p.table.txt') :
  • fdisk /dev/sdb
  • p (to 'print' the table)
  • copy, paste and save to '/mnt/hdd2/bkup/p.table.txt'
MBR backup :
  • dd if=/dev/sdb of=/mnt/hdd2/bkup/mbr.img count=1 bs=512
Partitions backup (not a whole disk) :
  • ddrescue /dev/sdb1 /mnt/hdd2/bkup/sdb_1.img
  • ddrescue /dev/sdb2 /mnt/hdd2/bkup/sdb_2.img
  • ddrescue /dev/sdb3 /mnt/hdd2/bkup/sdb_3.img
If it's to big :
  • ddrescue /dev/sdb1 | gzip -9 > /hdd2/bkup/sdb_1.img.gz
Check it :
  • mkdir /mnt/1
  • losetup /dev/loop3 /mnt/hdd2/bkup/sdb_1.img
  • fsck /dev/loop3 (? not sure)
  • mount -t ext3 /dev/loop3 /mnt/1/
  • umount /dev/loop3
  • losetup -d /dev/loop3